Career in Digital Marketing – Free Career Counselling

Digital Marketing is expected to create 18 Lakh jobs by year 2018. Digital Marketing Industry in India is growing at the rate of 50% In India, Internet users have reached up to around 463 million (46.3 Crores) and it has become the country with the world’s 2nd largest internet population and within the next 3 years, additional 300 million (30.0 Crores) will get added to the population accessing the Internet in India. This rapid increase in online users are going to push the rapid growth of Digital Marketing Industry.

In our 2 hours session on Digital Marketing Career and Future, you will learn:
* What is digital marketing?
* What are different career options available?
* What types of Jobs are available to digital marketing professionals?
* How can you set up your business or work as a freelancer?
* What is required to become successful in digital marketing?
* How much do digital marketing professionals earn?

There are many digital marketing courses or digital marketing institutes available in the market. The seminar will provide you meaningful insights about the industry and you will be able to take better decisions while making your choices.

You can ask as many questions as you may want to on Digital Marketing Industry, Trends, Career and Future. Feel free to bring your friends or family members to the session.

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