Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should I choose NSDM and not any other institute?

You should consider the following before making a decision:
Our Faculty – The faculty at NSDM is far more experienced than faulty members at any other institute. Most of our faculty members come from the Digital Media background and carry extensive experience in this space. Mr. Sanjay Sinha who is our CEO as well as the trainer, carries 23 years of experience and is a very well-known name in the Digital industry. Please go through with our About us page to know more about us.
Our Curriculum – Our curriculum covers all dimensions of Digital Media right from Google AdWords to Ad Servers to Programmatics. We cover latest technologies and changes in the Digital Media space. While other training institutes claim to train students on Google AdWords, Social Media etc., we not only train our students but also they are able to practice in a real environment. Additionally, as we cover all possible dimensions of Digital Media, our students carry a far better understanding. Please refer to the testimonials of our students.
Our Reach – Being part of the Nexzenpro Media Technologies Private Limited, we have deep connects with many corporates, Web Publishers, Ad Networks and advertisement agencies. Due to this, we are able to provide far better internship and placement opportunities to our students than any other training institute.

Q. What should be the minimum qualification degree to join this course?

Person with good grasping power and knowledge of basic computer concepts. Ideally a Higher Secondary (Class XII) and above.

Q. What is the Future scope of DIGITAL MEDIA course?

This space is continuously growing exponentially and poised to grow in the light of Youth population of the country and up-gradation of Digital infrastructure. With Government emphasis on 'Digital India', increased penetration of Smart Phones and other Digital devices along with the implementation of 4G network, the scope can be best imagined. Post successfully completing this course one can expect great opportunities with Advertisement Agencies, E-Commerce + any other large client as all are now shifting towards digital advertising and Sales & Marketing platform.

Q. Will there will be any study materials provided by NSDM or If I miss any classes?

Yes, complete study material would be provided as the emphasis during teaching would be on understanding concept and its practical aspects.

Q. Will I get any Practical market knowledge or Live training sessions?

NSDM is part of 'NexzenPro' a digital ad-agency and the very mission of the institute is to train people to be industry ready. Practical training is the niche at NSDM.

Q. Which Industries can I choose after completing the course?

Any, as all industries are graduating to Digital Space. Major emphasis would be on Digital Media, Advertising Agencies, BFSI, e-Commerce, Sales and Marketing divisions of organizations etc

Q. Will there will be any job interviews or placement assistance provided by NSDM?

Yes, we will prepare you for interviews, provide you internship opportunities so that you can learn in a real environment and then provide placement assistance.

Q. Can I work part time or full time with NSDM or Nexzenpro Media Technologies Private Limited?

Yes, we will be happy to absorb you internally if we will have positions at that time.

Q. How can I pay for the course?

You can pay through cheque, cash or NEFT/RTGS. Very soon, we will also have an option to make the payment through Credit/Debit cards through a reputed payment gateway.